My Boost Your Bust Experience

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My Boost Your Bust Experience

Hello again everyone,

It’s time to take you through my journey with the Boost Your Bust Product.


I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and it is just amazing!
I went from a 75A to a 85B, that is a full cup size and a little bit extra.

The Boost Your Bust Guide focusses on a couple of things mainly:
– Your everyday eating – it gives you really nice tips about specific food to eat daily and especially foods which you shouldn’t eat to promote breast growth.
– A wonderful breast massage – which will send growth hormones to your breasts, by doing this easy massage before bed you will almost instantly make your breasts more rounder and fuller overnight
– Great insight about Estrogen – and how much you really need intake to enhance your breast growth
– How to make your own breast growth cream – Never buy any expensive over-the-counter creams which never work. Instead, by using this simple recipe to make a better potent solution your growth will sky-rocket.
– 5 exercises which make your breasts instantly look greater and bigger – they take a few minutes to do these at home and you can really make your boobs look DOUBLE their original size!

Ofcourse this is not all there is in the guide, but this outline the biggest features of it.

Now for my experience with it!

After starting out doing the daily routines I started noticing changes almost instantly.
I was absolutely flabbergasted, never before had I had any results with a product, and now nearly immediatly.
A little voice in my head kept saying “this must be too good to be true, the effects won’t remain over time”.

But throwing my doubts off the table I went on.
After about a week I started noticing my bra’s we’re getting tighter and tighter.
The second week I almost couldn’t wear any of them anymore, they we’re just to tight and left a bit painful marks.

A month passed and I finally went shopping, guess for what?
B cup bra’s! I never ever in my life thought I would need those.
And now after one month of using Boost Your Bust I NEEDED them.

You can imagine how crazy happy I was with the result.
Over the next two months my breasts started to become more full and grew on to a good 85B cup.

For all you girls in doubt out there, you should DEFINITELY try this before you consider surgery or non-working breast enlargement pills/creams.

Hope reading this was worthwhile for you and that you can make a good choice now.
If you ask me my solid recommendation would be try Boost Your Bust for yourselve, 99% of the women achieve great results with it.

If you would like to ask me a question or need information about it, feel free to leave a comment.


You can check out their website here.

Best of luck,


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