Dangers Of Breast Enhancement Operations

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Good evening all of you,

Welcome back to my new post about the dangers of breast enhancement surgery and why you shouldn’t!
For those of you that are considering surgery please read through this whole post before you decide wheter to do it or not.

Boost Your Bust No Surgery

If you’re already informed about the risks please view my Boost Your Bust user review post, you don’t need surgery at all.

Lets dive in and explore some of the dangers of breast enhancement.

At the moment there are two types of breast implants in the U.S:
– Saline implants filled with saline and/or sterile saltwater.
– Silicone implants filled with a silicone based gel.

Now lets talk about the things that can happen with implants:
– Ruptures – are a risk with both type of breast implant. Ruptures can be caused during surgery, falling, getting a direct hit of any kind.
– Additional surgeries – this can include complete replacement of the implant or checking for any issues.
– Capsular Contracture – can happen naturally and is considered scar tissue that forms around it, squeezes and possibly damaging the implant.
– Chest pains – this can be right after surgery but there are cases where women keep having unexplained chest pains.
– Feeling – the feeling of your nipples and breasts in general can be reduced or even complete vanish.

Now let me ask you is this really all worth it?
Especially when you can change a lot without having any surgery at all?
And consider this, 50% of men don’t even like surgically enhanced breasts!

There is a bunch of stuff you can try before spending a LOT of money on a possible surgery that can make things WAY worse.
Me and my online friend have both been trying countless methods, some with little success but some with great success.

For any of you that are considering surgery (which isn’t cheap), have you ever thought of trying it the natural way?
You can always give it a shot and if it doesn’t work you can still resort to surgery in the end.

If not, I definitely recommend you read my personal experience and results with the Boost Your Bust Product.
Or check out their website for more information.

Hope this helps at least a single person from losing a bunch of money and possibly becoming more unhappy then they already are.
And in the end, going NATURAL is always better then getting “butchered” in my and most peoples opinions.

Best to all of you,


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